Registration for the second semester of the accredited Occupational Safety and Health Diploma has begun


STTC is a high institute licensed by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and several accredited international and international bodies such as NEBOSH and Al-Ayush and approved by Saudi A


Confined Spaces

Indoor work safety

345 SAR 450 SAR

Indoor and confined work safety course

About the course

The goal of training indoor workers to avoid and reduce their exposure to the dangers in their workplace

* Where they must be trained on the following items:*

• Definition of closed places, their types and reasons for working in them.

• Knowing the potential risks that exist in enclosed and confined spaces

• Methods for controlling indoor hazards

• Safe work procedures inside enclosed and confined spaces

• Procedures to be followed before the disembarkation of workers

• Procedures to be followed during the disembarkation of workers and when carrying out the work

• Procedures for the Monitoring Person Standby Worker

• Actions to be taken after completion of work

• Alerts and warnings regarding enclosed spaces

• Entry Permit

• Work Atmosphere Test

• mechanical ventilation

• Means of personal protection

• Emergency and rescue plans.

Duration : 1 days

Date : 20.12.2021

Timing : From 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Exams : a general assessment

Certificates : Certificate from the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training

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The trainee shall bear the nominal fees if the certificates are requested to be shipped

345 SAR 450 SAR
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