Registration for the second semester of the accredited Occupational Safety and Health Diploma has begun


STTC is a high institute licensed by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and several accredited international and international bodies such as NEBOSH and Al-Ayush and approved by Saudi A

Attendance Policies

The Higher Distinguished Technology Institute for Training stresses the importance of attending remote training courses and treats it as a traditional attendance. From this point of view, please follow the following:


1- To obtain a certificate of course attendance, the trainee must commit to attending at least (75%) seventy-five percent of the hours prescribed for the training course.

2- The name of the entry to the workshop / training course must be identical to the name registered in the electronic registration system.

3- Early entry (15) minutes before the start of the course and ensuring the safety of communication and sound.

4- Download the training package files for viewing prior to the training course/workshop from the training course registration website.

5- The mic must be closed during training and not opened except for participation only and closed again.

6- For the quality of receiving training, please attend the course via computer.

7- Minimum attendance hours (at least 25%) when providing training in synchronous electronic mode