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STTC is a high institute licensed by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and several accredited international and international bodies such as NEBOSH and Al-Ayush and approved by Saudi A

Intellectual property rights and copyrights

Acknowledgment and pledge

The Higher Distinguished Technology Institute for Training undertakes to abide by the principles of intellectual property rights and copyrights and to all applicable laws and regulations, and to fully abide by them as followed by the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property and Copyright Protection, and to abide by and preserve the rights of others and to adhere to good dealings with all trainees, employees and dealers with the Institute of Technology High Distinction for Training. This is our acknowledgment of this matter.

Name: High Technical Distinguished Training Institute

Licensed by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation No. 224522395251812

the introduction

The website of the Higher Institute of Technology for Training is a means of electronic publication of all activities, events and training programs and must be used for the benefit and in any way that does not prejudice the reputation of the Institute and its employees or expose them to legal accountability. Therefore, it must be ensured that the publishing policies mentioned in this document are followed.

Publication Responsibility:

The departments to which pages have been allocated on the site bear all full responsibility for the content of the pages, files and all what is published on the pages based on the powers granted to them and after applying the policies of the institute on the official website.

- Departments or people must use the sites for the purposes assigned to them and for which the powers have been granted, as this site and what is published under the main website of the Institute bears the name of the Institute

Ownership and copyright:

All content published on the pages of the Institute's website must comply with the copyright and electronic publishing policy specified by the competent authorities, and this includes everything published on the site.

Sections must ensure, before posting any content or scenes transferred from other sites, that they do not violate the copyrights of other sites, as the section bears all the responsibilities arising therefrom.

We confirm the necessity of adhering to the intellectual property rights and publishing of all images, logos and texts that are uploaded on the website in accordance with the specific publishing policies of the competent authorities.

Rules for writing content on website pages

The content is appropriate and free from the following:

  • What contains an inappropriate, offensive, racist or threatening language, whether it is a text, image or idea
  • What is contrary to the regulations of the state or the norms of society.
  • It does not compromise the privacy of others in any way
  • Do not use the site as a forum, talk about any other facility or person, or make complaints
  • Observe the rules of the language used to create the page or electronic material and ensure that it is safe and free from errors
  • Up-to-date information: You must ensure that the content of the various pages and materials is updated in a manner that ensures their up-to-dateness at the time of the visit. This includes news, contact information, phone numbers, e-mail, description of articles and other information

Changes to the website and disclaimer:

The Institute reserves the right to change the information on the website at any time without notice.

Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on the Website, we cannot guarantee its accuracy or make any guarantees of any kind in relation to the Website or its contents (including any text, graphics, advertisements, links, etc.). )

In addition, the Institute makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the absence of viruses or defects in the materials on the Website or that such materials will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Changes to this policy:

In order to maintain this site and provide and develop services in the future, the Higher Distinguished Technology Institute for Training may change the provisions of this policy from time to time, and in the event of such changes being made, they will be displayed on this page for the user to be aware of. The user's continued use of the website of the Higher Institute of Distinctive Technology for Training on the basis of the information contained in this publication policy is in accordance with what has been modified.