Registration for the second semester of the accredited Occupational Safety and Health Diploma has begun


STTC is a high institute licensed by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and several accredited international and international bodies such as NEBOSH and Al-Ayush and approved by Saudi A

Nebosh IGC English

HSE professionals

1,950 SAR 3,100 SAR

👷‍♀️👷 | NEBOSH IGC For

•Safety officer

•Safety Engineer

•Safety Supervisor

•Safety consultant

•Safety advisor

•Safety managers

•Safety engenniars

💰 | Only 1950SAR

Nebosh IGC

💯 | Including vat, training, international tests and certification

🖥️ | Daily Live Session

🔎 | Special Attention To All Learners

📚 | Online Course Matarial

📕 | Daily revision of previous topics

👨‍🏫 | Learning Support from Experienced and Qualified Tutor

IG1: NEBOSH Open Book Exam

IG2: Practical Assessment Report

🗓️ | Date :13.02.2022

Exam Date: 06.04.2022

📞 | Reserve your seat and Contact: 0138088839 - 0544811316

NEBOSH Accreditation Number: 1511

Accreditation of The General Institution for Technical and Vocational Training No: 522367915

The trainee shall bear the nominal fees if the certificates are requested to be shipped

1,950 SAR 3,100 SAR
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